Bilateral Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Cost*: 480,000 THB

This package is valid until June 30, 2022

Bilateral Total Knee Replacement Surgery

The eligible patient who can apply this package

The eligible patient who can apply this package is patient without complication and attending physician considered appropriate to this package. Patients with the following conditions will be considered as “high risk” and will not qualify for the package:
  • Organ failure
  • A patient with severe systemic disease. Examples include (but not limited to) poorly controlled DM or HTN or COPD, implanted pacemaker etc. (ASA classification III and above)
  • Recent acute myocardial infarction within 4 weeks
  • HIV Infection
  • A patient who has history of previous knee surgery except if his/her attending physician considers him/her appropriate to this package

Package Price: Single room 480,000 THB (This price does not include the implants.)


Our Joint Replacement Center staff will provide pre- and post- operative care to you that will make your experience more successful.

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